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Mpow H10 wireless: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) wireless headphones review 2023

Mpow H10 wireless
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Hey fellows, today’s article will be up on Mpow H10 wireless. It is the best device for you if you are searching for the best headphone. This article will cover all of your queries about Mpow H10 wireless, and after reading this article, your confusion regarding this device will get resolved.

Introduction to the Mpow H10 Wireless Headphones

The Mpow H10 is a wireless over-ear headphone made for music lovers, commuters, and travelers who want to listen to high-quality sound without having to deal with wires. The Mpow H10 is a popular choice for people who want reliable and versatile headphones for everyday use. It has high-tech features like active noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, and long battery life. Click here

Wireless connectivityBluetooth 5.0
Active noise cancellationYes
Battery lifeUp to 30 hours (with ANC off)
Charging timeApproximately 2-3 hours
On-ear controlsYes, for volume, playback, and phone call handling
Built-in microphoneYes, for phone calls and voice assistant
Audio qualityFrequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Comfort and designLightweight and adjustable headband and earcups
AccessoriesCarrying case, micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable
Warranty18-month warranty

They are made to entertain you.

The headphones have full and immersive sound, and they can connect wirelessly to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The Mpow H10 also has a lot of features, like on-ear controls, a built-in microphone, and a lightweight design, which makes it a comfortable and versatile headphone that can be used in a lot of different places.

The Mpow H10 wireless headphones have a variety of features and benefits that will make your listening experience better. You can use them to listen to music on the go, take phone calls without using your hands, or block out the noise around you.

Mpow H10 wireless
Mpow H10 wireless

Wireless Connectivity and Bluetooth Technology

The Mpow H10 wireless headphones connect wirelessly to a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets devices talk to each other over short distances by sending and receiving radio waves.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology

The Mpow H10 headphones use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which lets them connect to devices up to 33 feet away in a stable and fast way. Bluetooth 5.0 has a lot of advantages over older versions. For example, it can transfer data faster, use energy more efficiently, and have a longer range.

To connect the headphones to a device, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds. This puts the headphones into pairing mode. Then, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your device and choose “Mpow H10” from the list of devices. Once the headphones are paired with your device, they will automatically connect when they are on and within range.

Connectivity of this device

The Mpow H10 headphones feature a 3.5mm audio cable, which allows you to connect to your device using a wired connection in addition to Bluetooth connectivity. This feature is useful if your device does not support Bluetooth or if you prefer a wired connection.

Even if the battery is dead, the headphones can still be used with a cord.

Overall, the Bluetooth technology in the Mpow H10 headphones makes wireless listening easy and efficient.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Technology

The Mpow H10 wireless headphones have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology, which uses microphones to detect and cancel out outside noise. This makes listening to music more immersive and free of distractions.

Mpow H10 wireless
Mpow H10 wireless

ANC technology works by making a signal that cancels out noise and playing it through the headphones. The microphones on the outside of the headphones pick up sounds coming from the outside, and the electronics inside make a signal that cancels out the noise before it gets to your ears. This method can be especially good at getting rid of low-frequency noise, like the hum of an airplane engine or the noise of traffic.

The ANC technology

The Mpow H10 headphones have ANC technology that can cut outside noise by up to 32 dB. This is a big drop in noise. If you press the ANC button on the headphones, you can turn on or turn off the ANC feature. When turned on, the ANC will cut down on outside noise so you can listen to music or talk on the phone without being disturbed.

ANC technology may not entirely suppress outside sounds. Turn off the ANC feature when not in use to extend the headphones’ battery life. The Mpow H10 headphones’ ANC feature can improve their usability in noisy conditions.

Battery Life and Charging Options

The Mpow H10 wireless headphones have a rechargeable battery built-in. When you turn off ANC, the headphones can provide up to 30 hours of music playback, and with ANC turned on, you can still enjoy music for up to 23 hours. The long battery life allows for uninterrupted use for several days before needing to recharge the headphones.

The headphones can be charged with the micro-USB cable that comes with them. This cable can be plugged into any USB port, such as one on a computer or a wall charger. Depending on the power source, it takes about two to three hours to charge.

Mpow H10 wireless

When the battery is almost dead, a voice will tell you that the battery is low. Also, the headphones have an LED light that turns red when the battery is running low and blue when it is fully charged.

The headphones’ battery life depends on loudness, ANC, and Bluetooth. Also, as the battery wears out, the amount of time it can last will slowly go down over time. But the Mpow H10 headphones have a long battery life, which is a big plus that makes them more convenient and useful for everyday use.

On-ear Controls and Built-in Microphone

With the Mpow H10 wireless headphones, you can change the volume, skip songs, and answer or end phone calls without having to reach for your device. The on-ear controls are located on the right earcup and are easy to use with one hand.

Controls of this device 

The multi-function button enables you to play/pause music, answer or end phone calls, and activate your device’s voice assistant. There are also buttons for changing the volume and moving to the next or previous track.

The Mpow H10 headphones have controls on the ear and a built-in microphone that lets you take phone calls without using your hands. The microphone is on the right earcup. It uses noise-canceling technology to reduce background noise and make sure phone calls are clear.

The microphone of this device 

You can also use the microphone to talk to your device’s voice assistant, like Siri or Google Assistant. By pressing and holding the multi-function button, you can activate your device’s voice assistant and use voice commands to control your device or get information.

Overall, the on-ear controls and built-in microphone of the Mpow H10 headphones make them easy to use. You can control the music and easily answer phone calls.

Audio Quality and Performance

The Mpow H10 wireless headphones are made to give you a high-quality audio experience with sound that is rich, clear, and deep. The 40mm large-aperture drivers in the headphones produce powerful sound and a wide frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

Mpow H10 wireless
Mpow H10 wireless

Increase in audio due to the design of this device

The closed-back design of the headphones helps to block out outside noise and boost the bass response. This design also keeps sound from leaking out, so you can play your music loudly without bothering the people around you.

Overall, the sound quality and performance of the Mpow H10 headphones are very good. This makes them a great choice for music lovers and anyone else who wants to listen to high-quality audio on the go. The headphones can be used in a wide range of listening situations because they have large-aperture drivers, ANC technology, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Comfort and Design

Because they are lightweight and have an adjustable headband, the Mpow H10 wireless headphones are made to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The headphones have soft, protein-based earpads that are comfortable and stay in place. The earcups can be folded and swiveled to make them easy to store and carry.

Headband of this device 

The headband can be tightened or loosened by about 1.2 inches, and it is padded with a soft, breathable material that makes it more comfortable and relieves pressure on your head.

The headphones look sleek and modern, with a matte black finish and little branding. The earcups have small touches of chrome, and the controls on the earcups are hidden and easy to use.

The Mpow H10 headphones come with a sturdy carrying case that protects them while they are being moved or put away. The case has a hard outside, and a soft inside that helps keep the headphones from getting scratched or broken.

It is both stylish and comfortable.

Overall, the Mpow H10 headphones are made to be both stylish and comfortable. The headphones are light and easy to wear, and their sleek, modern design makes them look good anywhere. The headphones also come with a carrying case that protects them and makes it easier to take them with you.

Accessories and Carrying Case

The Mpow H10 wireless headphones’ functionality and portability are improved with the inclusion of a carrying case, a micro-USB charging connection, and a 3.5mm audio cord.

Mpow H10 wireless

The headphones are shielded from damage during transport and storage by the sturdy exterior of the carrying case and the plush interior lining. Because of its small size and convenient zipper, this case can be stowed away in a bag or backpack with minimal effort.

Micro USB

The headphones may be charged from any device with a USB port, such as a computer or wall charger, using the included micro-USB charging cord.

3.5mm audio wire

If your music player or computer doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can still use the headphones by plugging the 3.5mm audio wire into the device. The length of the cable is about 4 feet, making it suitable for most uses. It features conventional 3.5mm plugs on both ends.

The included accessories improve the usability of the Mpow H10 headphones and extend their usefulness to a wide range of contexts. The headphones are safeguarded by the included travel case, and you can keep them powered and connected to your devices using the included charging cord and audio wire.

Price of this device 

Mpow H10 has an extremely high sound quality and can be purchased for close to 60 dollars. The manufacturer does not lower quality expectations. It is sufficient to choose it due to the built-in materials and wonderful features.


How far does the Mpow H10 wireless headset work?

Because the Mpow H10 has a range of up to 33 feet, you are free to move about while still having full control over the device.

While using the Mpow H10 headphones, how can I verify their connection?

When the blue LED light on the right earphone comes on, it indicates that the headphones have been connected correctly.

Is it a decent headset to use, Mpow H10?

Yes! Mpow is the ideal pair of headphones because it has active noise cancellation (ANC) and dual connectivity choices.

Mpow H10 wireless


The Mpow H10 wireless headphones are comfy and durable. They use Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection and active noise cancellation (ANC) to improve audio quality.

A travel case, micro-USB charging cable, and 3.5mm audio wire are included with the headphones, which are lightweight and easy to wear for long durations.

The Mpow H10 wireless headphones have robust sound and a wide frequency response range, making them suited for many music genres and listening situations. ANC technology reduces outside noise and lets you concentrate on music or calls.

High-quality wireless headphones with active noise cancellation, pleasant design, and extensive functionality are the Mpow H10 wireless headphones. These are affordable compared to other headphones.

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