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RajkotUpdates.News : Government May Consider Levying TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading, (By pastpresentnews)

RajkotUpdates.News : Government May Consider Levying TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading
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This post was most recently updated on June 6th, 2023

The cryptocurrency community in India is scared because the Indian government is thinking about putting tax deductions at source (TDS) and tax collected at source (TCS) on trading cryptocurrencies. This news has become a big deal because it has caused people to worry and start talking about it. Find out if TDS and TCS will be charged and what will happen to them if they are.

Cryptocurrency- The Highlight 

What to Consider Before Investing in Bitcoin
What to Consider Before Investing in Bitcoin

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Implications coming into the picture of cryptocurrency

RajkotUpdates.News: Government May Charge TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading. This tax law that the government wants to put in place will force buyers and users of cryptocurrencies to do cryptocurrency trading. During a deal, it will charge TDS and TCS in cryptocurrency. This will let the government collect taxes from everyone who uses cryptocurrency. Because of this, no one will be able to get away with not paying taxes. The government will announce the plan to make sure the right trades are made on cryptocurrencies as well.

Statement about the TDS and TCS that will be charged

There is still a lot of confusion about trading cryptocurrencies in India because the government still needs to make clear rules about managing and taxing cryptocurrencies. In March 2020, the Indian Supreme Court issued a central bank circular that said banks couldn’t work with cryptocurrency companies. Based on this, cryptocurrency trading is now legal in India.

The government needs to decide what rules and fees should be put in place for dealing with cryptocurrencies. Ideas about a possible TDS and TCS tax have made the situation even less clear.

RajkotUpdates.News : Government May Consider Levying TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading
RajkotUpdates.News : Government May Consider Levying TDS TCS on Cryptocurrency Trading

Tax to be charged on cryptocurrency

If the Indian government taxes cryptocurrency, TDS and TCS taxes will be applied to both ordinary income and capital gains. The government will put a tax on deals made with cryptocurrencies based on the following rules:

Tax is taken at the source (TDS), which means that the payer keeps some of the money before starting a transaction. The buyer takes TDS out of the payment to the seller and sends it to the government. When the seller files their tax returns, they can get a credit for the tax they paid in the form of a TDS amount.

Tax Collected at Source (TCS) is when the seller collects the tax at the point of sale. This lets the seller collect the tax from the buyer and send it to the government after the sale. 

The buyer will be able to get a tax credit for the amount of TCS paid when they file their taxes. 

To escape fines or other legal costs, taxpayers need to fill out their tax returns correctly and follow all TDS and TCS rules. Taxpayers must file tax returns with information about their cryptocurrency trades and any taxes, like capital gains tax, that they owe on the money they made from selling cryptocurrencies. If you don’t pay taxes on purchases, there will be fines and legal consequences.

Members of the Cryptocurrency market dealing with it

There is now a discussion about whether or not there should be a TDS and TCS tax on trading cryptocurrency. Members are worried about how the government taxes and regulates cryptocurrencies, and some people think that the Indian coin market won’t be able to grow.

On the other hand, some people said that this was needed to explain how cryptocurrency trading is taxed, which would add to the legitimacy of cryptocurrency trading and boost investor confidence.


It is not clear if the government will follow through on its plan to put TDS and TCS on trade in cryptocurrencies. But it’s important to remember that the news shows how important it is for India to have clear rules and taxes for coins. There is a great place online to convert and swap currencies like LKR to USD and many other binary options.

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