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How To Revamp Your Bottle Packaging To Boost Sales

Bottled water has become a staple in the beverage industry, with the market's revenues expected to increase in the coming years. Despite the attention
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Bottled water has become a staple in the beverage industry, with the market’s revenues expected to increase in the coming years. Despite the media’s attention to concerns about waste, cost, and quality, it seems to have had little impact on the Bottle Packaging industry.

To increase their sales, businesses in the bottled water industry must focus on the bottle design and the complete package experience rather than merely the label design or appearance. Here we will explore current trends and package design ideas for bottled water.

The Growth of the Branded Bottled Water Industry

The origins of water bottling and distribution began due to the poor and hazardous water quality in various places. The distribution was dictated by demand, and American entrepreneurs capitalized on this in the 1850s. They introduced expensive mineral water in glass bottles to the wealthy, following what the Europeans had done over 200 years earlier. Before the emergence of plastic bottles, water had a more ecologically friendly container design, similar to other CPG categories.

Bottled at the Source

Many bottled water brands still use a picture to emphasize the advantage of bottled water at the source. However, advertising the sanitary benefits of bottled water now focuses more on comparing tap water than on the inferior quality of well and river water.

Bottle Packaging consumers in large cities pay more for spring water or reverse osmosis, although they prefer the latter. This is evident in the reverse osmosis bottled water brands that “appear” from springs. When practical, businesses should consider this as a purchasing driver worth putting to the test during the package design phase.

Sparkling Water

There is an ingrained link between mineral water and carbonation, as volcanic gasses created the earliest natural springs or wells of sparkling water, resulting in mineral-rich, gushing water. However, most sparkling water brands available today do not originate from natural sources. When bottled Bottle Packaging at the source, it goes through a lab procedure that ultimately adds carbonic acid, and scientists use this method to introduce high gas pressure at low temperatures. Testing the hypothesis that lab-developed bubbles are superior would be intriguing.

Luxury Water Bottles

Today, luxury water has a greater meaning than it had in the past. These premium bottled water companies range from alkaline tested to exotically sourced. A single bottle of luxury water can cost anywhere from $5 to $60,000.

Conducting tests to determine what prices people are willing to pay is essential when a Bottle Packaging the price it charges. International water companies like Acqua di Cristallo and their 24K gold bottle appear to have success with this.

Branded Water Bottles

There are essential issues that bottled water businesses must solve with regard to product design and packaging in 2022. The bottled water industry has enemies at every turn, such as Paris, France, which has practically removed bottled water as a CPG category. Thanks to advanced sanitation and remineralization techniques, high-quality drinking water is available almost everywhere in the city.

How to Design an Effective Label and Custom Packaging

A well-designed water bottle label can add a touch of professionalism, brand identity, and personalization to the water bottles. Always come equipped with label design essentials so you can start to create effective water bottle labels that stand out and attract the attention of consumers.

Define Your Brand Identity

The first step in creating effective water bottle labels is to define your brand identity. This includes your brand name, logo, and color scheme. Your water bottle labels should reflect your brand identity and create a cohesive look across all your marketing materials.

Determine the Label Size and Shape

The size and shape of your water bottle label will depend on the size and shape of the water bottle. You can choose from a variety of label shapes such as round, square, rectangle, or custom die-cut shapes. It is essential to measure the water bottle accurately to ensure that the label fits correctly and looks professional.

Choose the Right Design Elements

Design elements such as images, fonts, and colors can make or break your water bottle label design. Choose high-quality images that represent your brand, use legible fonts that are easy to read, and select colors that match your brand identity. Add custom waterproof label embellishments like Spot UV to boost visual appeal.

Highlight the Benefits of Your Water

Your water bottle label should highlight the benefits of your water, such as its source, purity, and health benefits. Consumers are more likely to choose your water if they know the benefits of drinking it. Choose custom clear labels over opaque material to showcase your water.

Print Your Labels on High-Quality Material

The final step in creating effective water bottle labels is to print them on high-quality material. Choose a material that is waterproof, durable, and can withstand refrigeration. You can choose from a variety of materials such as vinyl, polyester, or plastic film.

Over to You

In conclusion, creating effective water bottle labels requires attention to detail, creativity, and a clear understanding of your brand identity. By following our simple steps, you can create water bottle labels that attract the attention of consumers, promote your brand, and increase sales Read More

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