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What Is The Secret Taken Cover Behind Barbara Roufs Demise?

Barbara Roufs
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American drag racing champion Barbara Roufs passed away suddenly in January 1991. One of the most beautiful athletes who inspired the competition is her. In 1944 saw the birth of an American Drag Race Trophy Girl in Southern California. Barbara is from that country.

She gained notoriety as a young, extremely attractive woman. In addition, Barbara has brought a great deal more energy and happiness to the group.

Barbara passed away in 1991. She was 47 years old at the time Her occupation, total assets, and conjugal status are completely shrouded in this concise account. As a result, a quick synopsis of Barbara Rouf’s life and the circumstances surrounding her death follows.

What Was The Existence Of Barbara Roufs Before Death?

Barbara Roufs entered the drag racing scene as a trophy girl at the start of the 1970s, when the business had grown since its peak in the 1960s. The previous model of automobiles had been replaced by the more contemporary type. The driver’s seat of the original dragsters is positioned behind the engine, and they are converted to fuelers. Auto texts have improved with time. As a result, the prizes for the competitors changed as well. The women’s bras were burned, their shorts shrank, and their hair lengthened.

However, with her long, fixed hair, her vaporous opportunity tanks, and her classic 1960s go boots, Barbara was the embodiment of the prize young lady.

In the days of the Professional Dragster Association, on the streets of California, only ladies with the height, build, and attractiveness of Barbara Roufs would be fit for that role. She therefore established a reputation for herself by energising and enlivening the races.

How Was The Expert Existence Of Roufs?

As a drag racing trophy girl, Roufs performed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She won the sixth annual United States Professional Dragster Championship at Orange County International Raceway. In addition, Barbara won the 1973 Professional Dragster Association championship.

Barbara was a favorite with the racers and onlookers despite her advanced age. Because of her beauty, she was in high demand from producers and other businesses trying to sell their products to followers of drag racing. Barbara gained so much notoriety as a result that t-shirts and ads featuring her visage were commonplace. Many gave her credit for bringing the drag races to life.

She was instrumental in the transformation of drag racing from its peak in the 1960s to its current state in the 1970s. Furthermore, racers were replacing their antiquated versions with newer, more potent models. Trophies were given to the winners by Barbara Roufs. However, it was her breathtaking beauty that made her a household name in the PDA.

Barbara Roufs

Does Barbara Have A Family?

Barbara was married, with one child. The child she gave birth to at age 29 is named Jet Dougherty. Moreover, it is still unclear who Roufs’ spouse is.

When renowned photographer Tom West released old pictures of Barbara Roufs’ daughter in 2016, everyone was taken aback.

A few of Jet Dougherty’s mother’s memories were posted on Facebook. Her life had been terribly brief, despite her claims to the contrary. It had been lively and packed. Still, Jet thought she would finally find happiness when she saw her mother on the internet.

Moreover, the following was written by Roufs’ granddaughter Crystal Dougherty, who was ecstatic to see the pictures. She noted that she is self-assured and aware of her physical appeal.

How Did Barbara Rouf’s Life Finish?

Jet, Barbara’s daughter, brought up her mother’s passing in 1991. However, Rouf’s death was the result of suicide. But the reason for carrying out the suicide remained a mystery. The age of her death was 47. Barbara and her family resided in Fresno, California, prior to her death.

What Was Barbara’s Net Worth Before Her Death?

Throughout the 1970s, Barbara worked as a drag race trophy girl and model. The amount of money earned by the trophy girls was unclear at the time. She did, however, receive pay from her salaries. Some of Barbara’s well-known 1970s photos are available from online merchants. She was thought to be worth $1.5 million.


Barbara Roufs, a champion drag racer from Southern California, was also a model. Still, she rose to fame in the 1970s as new cars became fashionable thanks to drag racing. At 29 years old, Roufs set herself apart from the other trophy females as well. Her signature look also included wide-straightened hair and 1960s go-go boots. Regretfully, Roufs took his own life in January 1991.

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